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Choobs: are the morphing of a small to medium sized woman's breast to big ol hooters after she gives birth and is nursing hence.. chubby boobs..
Every since Linda gave birth to Jaden, she is always flaunting her choobs...
by dj reel2reel August 02, 2009
Choob is a word that was derived from the birth of a Singaporean man, Chervin. The CH in choob represents his name, while the oob is NOOB. So choob is chervin noob. he is widely known for his ridiculous behavior and acts of foolishness. Anyone can call someone else a choob to represent that person's foolishness.
You somersaulted in the study room? YOU CHOOB!
by Swiftalition July 23, 2010
Usually used for Call of Duty games, or other massive multiplayer games. Stands for Christmas Noobs.
Dan - Oh man I can't WAIT for the choobs to get black ops!
Steven - Yea man it's going to be so easy to kill them!
by Jarf99 January 04, 2011
When "noob" just isn't enough.
1:god i hate noobs
2:me too.
by the choad master March 28, 2010
the somewhat squishy area between a woman's upper chest and boob.
he poked my choob.
by rawrasaurus09 August 20, 2009
cherry scented boobs

also: checs
cherry scented pecs
Emily sprayed perfume, so now Kenton has choobs.
by jklfhkjlha May 29, 2008
someone who is deficient at playing video games and magnifies the charecteristics of a noob.
joe sucks at this game more than me... what a choob.
by NOSNHOJxx January 01, 2008