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(noun) An idiot, numpty, someone who messes around. Scottish derogitary name, but in occasional cases is used as a term of affection.
Scot1: Look at me, I canz lick my elbow!
Scot2: Look at that eejjit, what a choob.
by President_Choob May 15, 2009
23 18
When a girls boobies go up to her chin. Combination of chin and boobs.
Look at Chandra's choobs.
by ampn April 22, 2008
15 10
The lower side of the posterior region that exceeds the perimeter of a swim suit, underwear or other covering and is above the leg; buttocks with cleavage (not to be confused with "buttock cleavage" which is the area above buttock coverings); butt CHeeks + bOOBS; CH+OOBS; non-gender specific
The hefty man on Waikiki beach shouldn't have been wearing a Speedo - his choobs almost matched his wife's, in her also too small bikini.
by konundrummer April 02, 2010
5 2
A woman with HUGE breasts that are 90% fat 10% actual boob or boob-like material.
OMG Connor, your mom has the most succulent choobs! I could suck on those all day.


Wow you see that woman that has her back to us? Her choobs are looking at us from under her armpits!
by Bludwieser December 14, 2008
8 5
face cheeks that are soft and/or big and/or bouncy and/or smooth and/or resembling that of boobs.
That baby boy has fun choobs.
by qwertyuip August 11, 2011
2 2

When a person's chin blends seamlessly into their breastal area (whether they be boobs or moobs).

also sometimes referred to as a chneck, or a chin-neck.

choobs are to necks as cankles are to ankles.

Variations include:
chooby (adj.), choobtastic (adj.), and choobalicious (adj.). Choob and choobed can also be used as verbs, but only in the context of people gaining choobs.
guy 1: "dude, chicks totally dig it when you kiss them on the neck."
guy 2: "but she has choobs... where do I aim?"

guy 1: "I choobed her in the 8th grade."
guy 2: "what?"
guy 1: "I fed her cheetos and m&ms until she developed choobs."

"See that guy over there? Totally choobalicious."
by UCgirl April 25, 2012
1 2
The act of wasting time, fooling around and performing random un-planned acts, usually outside of what one would do in their normal day. One is prone to find themselves “choobing” while hungover or procrastinating doing schoolwork.
Can also be used as a noun (choob) and an adjective (chooby), yes, its a versatile word.
Colleen, Nicole and I choobed so hard at Dunkin Donuts today that went through the drive thru two times, one right after the other. Oh and did you know they make Chick'n Parm?

It's probably inappropriate that choobing to "The Boys and Girl's Club of Worcester" on Sundays became a regular activity.
by Woostah socialite November 12, 2010
17 18