Chest pubes. And that's final.
EX 1:
- What's in my soup? Is this... (looks closer) Phew!! It's only a choob.

Ex 2:
- Do you shave you choobs?
- Nah. I respect my choobs.
by fullfacile81 September 08, 2010
The imaginary breasts of a male or female animal, usually domesticated but not included to, where an individual finds surreal pleasure in either beeping or pinching them
" Jumbo saw a cat with chunky little choobs and he decided to go over and beep them "
by Matt the Boss June 13, 2008
Flabby chest appendages seen in overweight young boys, which are often a precursor to moobs in later years.

A portmanteau of the words "child" and "boobs".
Shut up there choobs, nobody asked for your opinion!
by MikeDS September 11, 2015
A combination of the words noob and chocolate, which is used as the highest form of insulting one's honor.
Jon: I've never heard of project M before.
Jeff: What are you? Some kind of choob?
Jon: I must commit harakiri to regain my honor.
Jeff: Go back to Chooberta where you belong.
by Choobie Doobie Doo January 30, 2015
"Gosh, Johnny is being such a choob!"
"I know, it was such a choob move to ask out the quarterback's girlfriend"
by Broomsweepsweep June 07, 2016
The lower side of the posterior region that exceeds the perimeter of a swim suit, underwear or other covering and is above the leg; buttocks with cleavage (not to be confused with "buttock cleavage" which is the area above buttock coverings); butt CHeeks + bOOBS; CH+OOBS; non-gender specific
The hefty man on Waikiki beach shouldn't have been wearing a Speedo - his choobs almost matched his wife's, in her also too small bikini.
by Konundrummer April 02, 2010
A woman with HUGE breasts that are 90% fat 10% actual boob or boob-like material.
OMG Connor, your mom has the most succulent choobs! I could suck on those all day.


Wow you see that woman that has her back to us? Her choobs are looking at us from under her armpits!
by Bludwieser December 14, 2008
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