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The area of a woman's chest in between their boob and chest.
Damn check out the choob on that girl
by nabber June 14, 2011
When one's chin and breasts become a solitary unit. Resulting in a barrel or walrus shaped figure.
1. Damn Texas Honey! You better stop eating all them Chili Dogs before you turn into a choob.

2. "OMG Becky! Did you see that girl's chin, it melts into her boobs. What a CHOOB!"
by May_July January 07, 2011
The simple word when you forgot Chewbacca's folks in Stars wars are called the wookies.
It's the abrevation for the Chewbaccas!
Group of people communicating in your language but with such a noise you cannot understand, eventhought they can understand each other!
You turn to your friend and tell him:
"Man they communicate like Choobs."
by Harry1879847 September 04, 2006
chunky noob (fat noob)
that choob is so annoying!
by idkwhat2put1231313 December 14, 2009
Aperson who displays behaviour that is stupid, clumsy or thoughtless. Choobaloob is affectionate though.
God you are such a choob

Aww you choobaloob
by lucielouise September 22, 2009
noun. Scottish slang. A "choob" is a tube. Short for tube-steak. A tube steak is a penis. And therefore , anyone who acts like a dick. Can be equally applied to males or females.
"Dinnae bother wi' that guy - he's just a choob."
by peebles76 August 20, 2009
Noun derived from the words cheat and noob. Holds negative connotation.

Choob: a noob who single-mindedly hones and utilizes skills very heavily dependent upon unsportsmanlike tactics (usually exploiting "overpowered" features included legitimately in a game) in order to appear proficient at a game.

Similar variant: chewb
Player 1: "Use something other than an AWP for once in your life, you choob!"
Player 2: "You're just mad that you got pwnt by my 1337 skillz."
by Lord Zurkov April 22, 2009