Aperson who displays behaviour that is stupid, clumsy or thoughtless. Choobaloob is affectionate though.
God you are such a choob

Aww you choobaloob
by lucielouise September 22, 2009
noun. Scottish slang. A "choob" is a tube. Short for tube-steak. A tube steak is a penis. And therefore , anyone who acts like a dick. Can be equally applied to males or females.
"Dinnae bother wi' that guy - he's just a choob."
by peebles76 August 20, 2009
Noun derived from the words cheat and noob. Holds negative connotation.

Choob: a noob who single-mindedly hones and utilizes skills very heavily dependent upon unsportsmanlike tactics (usually exploiting "overpowered" features included legitimately in a game) in order to appear proficient at a game.

Similar variant: chewb
Player 1: "Use something other than an AWP for once in your life, you choob!"
Player 2: "You're just mad that you got pwnt by my 1337 skillz."
by Lord Zurkov April 22, 2009
A high level player, on MMO's such as Runescape, playing on a noob account as to not draw attention to themselves. High profile players or high level players will turn to their choob to get away from the stress popularity and celebrity brings them.
Noob 1: OFMG! Did you hear that guy? He said he was Zezima's choob!

Noob 2: Yeah! Lets go beg for free stuff!

RS Vet: Noobs these days...
by Metroidfan10 May 06, 2008
Abbreviation for Chin Boobs. This word originated a long time ago in an igloo off the coast of Africa by a Black Elf. Only one man can have them in each generation, causing a mad rush of hormonial women to unexpectedly charge at these lucky men. When masturbating with a choob, or plural form "moobies", you may find yourself with Choobreastis Disease. Symptoms of Choobreastis Disease (CD for short) are weakness in the thighs, quivering upper lip, and fatigue in the chin. If this occurs, well, you are going to die. This has been known also as a form of cancer that really has no cure.
Ross: Check out my moobies everyone!
Anthony: (whisper) i wish i had a choob.
Holly: You make me so horny!
by Anthony Gone Wild March 07, 2010
a chubby noob that has no life and sits around eating and playing video games until he dies, and he usually lives with his mom until around age 47.
dude i just got pwned
its allright forest is a choob
by brytrick moonarld May 24, 2009
A person who is a total N00b, but cheers everyone on, sometimes annoyingly but mostly out of the kindness of her heart. a Cheer-n00b if you please.
Team Captain: Well done everyone!
Becky: YAAAY! WOOOO! WOOT! waahoooo!
Team Captain: Becky you are SO the team Choob.
by vigour March 27, 2009
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