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To participate in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissor's to determine who get's something or wins in any situation where a winner must be selected.
ie. Decide who break's in a pool match.
Decide who will call up to order pizza.
Decide who rides shotgun in a car when other normal avenue's are exhausted.
"Let's chonk for it."
by Diego July 28, 2003
male sex organ, a slang term often used in jest.
you can kiss my chonk matey!.....touch my chonk!
by Reuben Jordan May 20, 2007
A teenage boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a baseball cap, steals bikes at night, and drinks tins of kronenbourg during the day, then throws the tin's in people's gardens
What are those chonks doing hanging around my car!
by Chonk! August 16, 2003
a itallion word reffering to mexicans
hey youse chonks get to work
by gwrald December 26, 2007
To smoke weed, especially with your closest friends.
Ey yo, Matt and Curran are going to chonk, you coming?
by AliceLee June 18, 2005
To take or steal deliberately
"Yo, that's a nice car. I think I'mma chonk that."
by Adam_S November 02, 2006