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Jack Shit
"I can't tell ya chonk"
by Homie G June 19, 2004
10 19
the process of rubbing a clenched fist up and down your stiff penis untill and white sticky liquid cums out of the end.
he is going to chonk becuase he fancies that girl
by bobbly bobler November 25, 2003
16 25
roots, sex, fuck etc
it's all about tha chonks
by masine April 11, 2003
2 11
The ultimate penis, fat and of considerable length.
by anon June 14, 2003
11 24
To steal or jack something.
That's a sick ass watch; you better run before I chonk that shit.
by Racedoor13 December 06, 2006
18 32
Phat. Very raw. Gangster.
"Yo son you peeped the new 2 Ray Mo CD? That shit is tha CHONK dog."
"My boy gave me these crazy pills son they get you so wrecked, theyre the fucking chonk."
by Merz February 06, 2003
7 30
A considerably desirable vagina.
I hit that chonk in various positions.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
6 31