An amalgamation of "choong" (meaning good, beautiful, heavy) and "tonk" (meaning large). Used a lot in terms of drugs
"I picked up a Q from Lengs the other day, it was chonk"


"You can always get good cheng from him, its £25 a G but its chonk"
by Brian Sewell Leng Man Fe Dem November 25, 2006
an extremely hot,attractive, and desirable female, usually posessing a donk
that girl is chonk ... im gonna hit that.
by chonkanddonk December 08, 2004
A cannabis "placebo", as such.

A non-existant type of cannabis whoes side effects include:

Feeling randy
Seeing white lights as red

The excuse for it being tasteless is due to the fact that it's boiled in milk to take out the flavour, this leads to the 3rd side effect:

The inability to eat dairy products, such as meat.

Used to trick people into thinking they're smoking pot.
Joe: "Are you feeling it yet?"
Shelly: "Yer, I'm well horny"
Shelly: "Why can't I taste it?"
Matt: "Err, 'cos it's been boiled in milk"
by PlugDude June 24, 2005
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