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A delicious ice cream available from many ice cream trucks. Consists of ice cream and hard chocolate shell in a taco-shaped waffle cone.
Joe bought a choco-taco from the ice cream truck.
by Johnnybo January 23, 2006
the slang term for a black woman's vagina. the flods of the labia minora resemble that of the folds on the delicious tasty ice cream treat.
man, i would love me some of that halley berry choco taco.
by ashley April 13, 2005
a brand of dessert food resembling a taco, and consisting of a taco shell-like waffle cone, reduced-fat vanilla ice cream, artificially flavored fudge, peanuts, and a milk chocolate coating. The product was invented in Philadelphia in the 1980s by the Jack and Jill Ice Cream Company, but was introduced nationwide as "America's coolest taco" by Good Humor-Breyers in 1996, at the Supermarket Industry Convention in Chicago, Illinois
"How much for a choco taco?"
"Only $5.25"
"I'll take 2!"
by tikirye November 26, 2007
A sex act which takes place when fucking a girl in the ass she takes a shit on your cock. Immediately pull out and shove your shit covered dick in her pussy.
Bill: "I gave your girlfriend a Chocotaco last night."
Steve: "No wonder her pussy smelled like shit!"
by techn9nehulkedout August 18, 2010
The inadvertent result of a female wiping back to front after a bowel movement.
"Oh god, I just went to the bathroom and gave myself a choco taco."
"That is disgusting."
by ironcladlou February 26, 2009
The outcome of a woman wiping back to front rather than front to back.
She wipes all wrong, giving herself a choco-taco.
by michello September 07, 2012
A term used to describe African American chicks vagina.
Isaiah, I want you to eat my choco taco
by Queen Choco Taco September 16, 2007
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