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a sexy love machine, or wild female sex beast
she was a halley in bed last night.
by dragonfire January 26, 2008
Halley is a name given only to the most elegant females. Smart, kind, funny, athletic, beautiful…these are but some of the qualities that make a Halley.

Halley is always there to pick you up and lend a hand, no matter what the problem may be. She’ll always find a way to make you smile, no matter how sad you may be. She is strong and independent, but also gentle and loving. Although shy at times, nothing stops her from achieving what she wants. Diverse in many areas, she truly is a role model. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself a Halley, do yourself a favor and never let her go.

Halley is simply perfection.
“I found myself a Halley.”
“You’re an extremely lucky boy…”
by I<3<3<3<3Halley June 21, 2011
1. A comet that is seen once every 75-76 years. It is the only comet visible to the naked eye.

2. The astronomer (Edmond Halley) that estimated Comet Halley's return.

3. Halleys generally fall in love with the sky–especially the night sky.
1. "I hope I'm alive when Halley's Comet returns."

A."Did you know that Comet Halley was named after Edmond Halley?"
B. "You don't say!"

3. "Wow, I feel like Halley right now. Just look at the sky!"
by Mevon April 23, 2009
A smart, beautiful and smart person. She is extremely lovable. Halley is kind, and will warm your heart with a welcoming smile. If your feeling down, and alone, she will drop everything, and rush to your side to comfort you. Everyone loves her, and adores her. A Halley is brave, and confident. and even in her darkest times, she will put on that smile, That lets you know everything is okay. When you have a friend like her, be sure to never lose her. she is a loyal friend. Shes even funny. And the best part about her, is she's a caring person. Halley will always cheer you up.
person 1: whos that girl you we hanging out with?
person 2: Halley
person 1: oh, well don't ever lose her
by That_Lovely_Heart July 06, 2016
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