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1. A penis that appears to lack a shaft.
2. A shaftless penis.
3. A penis head that emerges from pubic hair and the genital sack without a visible shaft.
After skinny dipping, Richard's choad made all the ladies snicker.
by ElyVader September 21, 2010
A: A wide or very stout dick.

B: Red Vine Licorice.
1: Hey girl, you know that guy I went home with? He had a choad!

2: Dude this choad tastes so good!
by Chyasorus June 14, 2010
The correct way of spelling 'chode'.
Commonly used as a term of abuse and accusing someone of being a 'fat, but tiny penis'.
Used to describe a fat, tiny penis.
Someone hits someone else. The person turns around and calls him a 'choad', which often generally insults the receiver, unless of course the receiver has a much better insult to use as a comeback.

A woman goes to give a man a blowjob, but is unable to grasp the 'choad', because it is too fat.

A man is unable to 'pleasure' himself, because of his 'choad' and he is ashamed of it.
by 20-ft Shlong Boy December 02, 2009
A person who is dumb
"Man that guy is such a choad! He thinks 3x3 is 6!"
by jiffylube October 28, 2008
youngsun won
i know a choad and his name is youngsun won, his penis is fatter than it is long.
by mr. ike December 14, 2010
a species of amphibious creature in which there are more than three Mister Jiggles on a webbed foot.
Chaka Khan said, "Hey, Ed where's good Ol' Barrel Gang at ?""Damn, good ol' Barrel Gang gone to get some more choads down by the river bank again!!"
by dingleberrypancakes February 07, 2010
To put it shortly... its a penis, a dick, a cock.
Gotta Suck on a choad in the party zone!
by assblaster9000 May 07, 2013