Condition in which ones penis is wider than it is tall.
Guy: Lets git it on!
Girl: what the fuck!!! You have a choad!!! oh shit thats wrong im leaving.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 April 19, 2006
a public school boy. i.e. boat shoes, blazer and jeans look.
"oh my god hes such a choad", "hey chaodie"
by Melissa February 01, 2005
Choad, misspelling of the word chode
I wrote choad and I was wrong.
by Big G July 14, 2004
A penis that is fatter than it is long.
Suren Sahadacny when his ugly ancient indian mother fucks his psychopathic insane european father to make the worst possible children, so bad that they live in the middle of the woods.
by XxX September 19, 2003
a very small and fat dick / dick that looks like a piece of ham

normal ones:

Connor definitley has a choad .
by copyrightfucker November 30, 2005
small fat stumpy penis.
Blake campbell has got a choad
by davep06 January 20, 2006
a false sense of self characterized online by no morals, ethics, or soul in order to defraud, steal, con, cheat or anyway possible, to sneak a win, to unfairly cause a loss for someone through a computer bug, in an online game.
Choads ignore the survival of the fittest as the survival of the most dishonest.
by Robbie ALCU March 22, 2005

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