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(adjective, adverb, interjection) awesome; coined by the Street Sharks action figures and cartoon show; alt. spelling jawsome

I did jawesome on that test!
by Diggs February 17, 2003
An african american sasquatch, also a complement for an expression.
A blacksquatch attacked my house the other day...
Whoa! Blacksquatch!
by Diggs December 04, 2003
(noun) an alternate spelling for "physics"
I have a fizix midterm tomorrow.
by Diggs February 17, 2003
(verb) - to smoke marijuana
"Who you think taught you to smoke trees?" -Dr. Dre in 'Forgot About Dre
by Diggs February 17, 2003
(noun) shit, esp. in the sense meaning "stuff" (adverb) of poor quality, or of good quality, depending on context
Where's my shizzy at? (stuff)
I stepped in some shizzy today. (shit)
That stuff is shizzy! (good)
He did a shizzy job on his report. (poor)
by Diggs February 17, 2003
1. Women of the finest and most choice quality in terms of beauty and booty. See example a

2. Someone's chosen significant other who was picked over others for personal reasons. See example b

3. A woman who a man would never in this lifetime lay his hands on. See example c
A. Mariah carey, now that's my selects!

B. Rob dissed his boys. He went to chill with his selects instead.

C. (Upon walking down the street and seeing a portly woman) There goes Mark's selects!
by diggs October 26, 2004
(noun) a slut; formed from the abbreviation for Simulated LASER, but came to mean slut due to the its initial sound
That girl is such a slazer
by Diggs February 17, 2003
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