A coaches reference for a girl, girlfriend, significant other, booty call, fun buddy, lover, slut, some random girl you might pick up on the street, or a hookup, during any sports season. These women are a male players weakness. Coaches tell their players to stay away from "chippies" during the sports season to get their minds focused on their desired sport. Coaches think that any contact (physical or not
) with "chippies" will send their players minds and bodies into a place where no player should go... where the coaches think this is.. who knows? Chippies are basically some girl a sports athletes may or may not hook up with or have sex with during their desired sports season.
by frontier football 86 March 21, 2009
Top Definition
The place where one buys fish and chips.

Otherwise known as the Chip Shop.
I'm gonna get a fish supper at the chippy.
by Lambchops November 24, 2004
a female prostitute, especially a young and inexpensive one
Watch out for the chippies downtown.
by dskoelling December 11, 2003
The screaming baby from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job that has a moustache and a unibrow.
"Where's my Chippy?"

"There's my Chippy."
by Agent Marlow April 19, 2009
(adjective) applied to hockey games: rough, involving lost tempers, fighting, and ejections
One ejection, four guys on the bench at once, and a broken collarbone. That hockey game was getting kind of chippy.
by dskoelling December 11, 2003
Carpenter or Fish and Chip Shop.
Has the chippy arrived yet?

Headed off to the chippy for some grub?
by Angus Prune April 17, 2003
California Highway Patrol officers, CHPs, a term often used by truckers to warn each other that the highway patrol is about.
"be mindful of the chippies"
by Brett G. May 15, 2006
In New England, any pellet-like turd, such as from a deer, goat, etc.

Syn: scat.
"Watch out for the deer chippies on the path." chippy
by homesickabortion September 05, 2011
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