a human male erection.
"She turned me on so much I had a chippy within seconds!"

"We didn't have sex last night because I couldn't get a chippy."

"Your chippy is the biggest I've ever seen!"
by Jordan Dailey August 13, 2006
Some stupid perpetually rank 9 fail that thinks hes all pro and can only play ele and who sounds like a 12 year old girl but he's really like 16
Okay guys we one more
I can get chippy
that girl? fuck no
by God123456789010111213 March 20, 2010
One with a chip in the tooth; one who acts gay or annoying
Shut up, Chippy
by Me March 28, 2003
1. blonde
2. white
3. looks like a chipmunk
"Don't walk with your mouth full!"

"Full of wha....? ......... Fuck you!"
by Scarlet October 19, 2003
When someone, usually a younger member of the group, speaks or acts above what he is meant to act like, if there is a hierarchy
"Pass me a fag, you dick"
"Shut up, you chippy cunt"
by HippieThunderMonkey January 15, 2015
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