In New England, any pellet-like turd, such as from a deer, goat, etc.

Syn: scat.
"Watch out for the deer chippies on the path." chippy
by homesickabortion September 05, 2011
A cross between nippy and chilly referring to cold.
It's a bit chippy outside, aye boys?
by Dyldo Swaggins October 08, 2013
A group of hot babes!
Hey man, let`s go hit on those chippies over there!
by Roland F. Thurlow January 19, 2005
a chip that has fallen on the floor
What's that on the floor?

It's a chippy!
by Beaky D December 18, 2012
chippy or chippie is a nickname for a CHP (California Highway Patrol) officer. Usually, but not exclusively, on motorcycles.
That chippy was pretty cool. He knew we were speeding but instead of hassling us just got on his loudspeaker and told us to slow down.

Damn, the CHP are never cool like that with me.
by SCRhollywood November 23, 2009
A California Highway Patrol Officer. aka the State Troopers of California.
Damn, I got pulled over by a Chippy today.

I saw a Chippy directing traffic today on the highway.
by adamjohnlincoln June 23, 2011
a miniature sized, hormonally charged cross-eyed man who hides in the most inconvenient places....think you want to find him? be careful what you wish for....he will let out a deafening shriek if discovered!
Where's my chippy?

THERE'S my chippy!
by Zingolo January 13, 2011

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