dried poop stuck to ones underwear after one poops their pants
I wouldn't buy used underwear if they contain chippies.
by machster June 16, 2006
a ceramic bird.
Brian and Neal got their Chippy's all wet.
by Dieselpiece309 January 18, 2009
a common name for a dog
Ross Hunter's dog was named Chippy, a film producer
I forgot to feed my chippy
by Iranian Geek March 08, 2009
as in chipolata. in reference to a male penis that is no bigger than a cocktail sausage.
Derek had promised his partner for the night a big fat sausage. Jan was disappointed when he only pulled out little chippy
by brewlio April 29, 2007
one that looks as cute as a chipmunk.
Hi Chippy, I miss you.
by chrissy July 01, 2004
A name given to a disoriented sea lion that swam up the California Aquesuct almost as far as Los Banos.
Chippy was named after CHiPs by the CHiPs who were wondering what the heck to do with a sea lion in the desert-like west side of San Joaquin Valley, which is quite fitting since the CHiPs around Los Banos get disoriented too. So watch out for them on I-5, or they'll run you over!
by Downstrike January 23, 2005
When you cannot finish an entire cigarette and remove, or "chip" off, the burning tip of the smoke and save the rest for later. This half cigarette has now become a chippy. Commonly used in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.
Can I smoke your chippy, I don't want a whole one.
by xbleachx March 22, 2007

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