A coaches reference for a girl, girlfriend, significant other, booty call, fun buddy, lover, slut, some random girl you might pick up on the street, or a hookup, during any sports season. These women are a male players weakness. Coaches tell their players to stay away from "chippies" during the sports season to get their minds focused on their desired sport. Coaches think that any contact (physical or not
) with "chippies" will send their players minds and bodies into a place where no player should go... where the coaches think this is.. who knows? Chippies are basically some girl a sports athletes may or may not hook up with or have sex with during their desired sports season.
by frontier football 86 March 21, 2009
Small addiction or habit. Usually drugs.
"Where's Mike?"
"It's Friday man and the kids got a chippy for the white powder"
by SleepNotNeeded October 19, 2007
A California Highway Patrol Officer. aka the State Troopers of California.
Damn, I got pulled over by a Chippy today.

I saw a Chippy directing traffic today on the highway.
by adamjohnlincoln June 23, 2011
Small chipmunk like boy, usually in 5th class/grade. Cute and short. Usually BFFs with people with the names of either --> Nicki, Patrick and Hannah.
Jess, Cillian and Duncan.
Poppin-Fresh, Bobby-Boo and Britney Spears.

Gets angry easily, likes to call people gay.

Is in love with Nicki, thinks she is the best thing on God's green Earth. Loves to prank call people and pretend to be "Dave" and have lots of cabbages.

Is extremely amazing to most people, though some people may say he is an absolute fool.
He's a mingaaaaaaaaa, but a cute one.
He's really nice and knows how to brighten everyones day ! :D
His name is stephen.

Oh, and he has a crocodile call Snappers.
by Chippy's BFF December 28, 2010
Chippy is a name secretly given to a fat female. her face usually looks like a chipmunk cuz her cheeks are fucking thick and puffy. also chippy is never used as a compliment because it usually means your ugly as shit. chippys usually have a bad sense of style and are short and pudgey. they could also be considered as fat whores. her buck teeth can make your dick crooked after oral sex.
"woah man did yew see that gurl?"
"yeah bro she looked like a gross chippy"

"dude.. did you see who zach was dating?"
"yeah bro. her cheeks were fat as shit. must be a chippy. damn, i hope her teeth aren't fucked up."
"so when she gives zach head, his dick wont go crooked."
by Wackey October 28, 2011
Short for woodchippy.

Having the characteristics of a woodchip.

Usually meant for a guy.

These characteristics include: sweet, intelligent, sincere, warm-hearted, handsome, and very lovable.

The word for a girl with these characteristics is flowerpettally.
Mereda: "My boyfriend, Alex, is so woodchippy! He is really warm-hearted. Alex can't stand to see anyone sad. He is so lovely, I melt every time I see him smile."

Clara: "Erik is pretty woodchippy too. I mean he is so passionate! And he is a genius too."

Harriette: "What about Edward? He's always sincere. And so loyal. Definitely woodchippy."
by Clarediette February 27, 2010
adj. In hockey, to play aggressively and physically, just short of playing illegally. May suggest some of the checks are getting personal in their retaliatory zeal.
Said after a particularly vicious but legal hit against the boards: "The boys are getting a little bit chippy out there."
by dskoelling April 17, 2005

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