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A name of a clothing company not to be confused with chinga' in the spanish language or chin-gas in english.
by eddie haskle September 26, 2003
A shortern name of a Chinese or Oriental Asian.
Yo, It's Vaniila Rice, Half Wigga, Half Chinga.

Lairdy is a Chinga, Sam is a Nigga.
by Dick Lairdy April 20, 2011
abbrev. for chingadera, meaning an unspecified object.
"hey man- hand me that chinga over there."

"hey man- where's the weed at?"
"over there on top of the chinga."
by bobby771 August 21, 2009
The result of combining a ninja with a cheerleader, creating an incredibly hot, deadly, stupid, cunning oxymoron of complete awesomeness. Typically wield a sword bigger then themselves, or two swords about their size. Diamond-Ruby-Platinum pom-poms are used on more covert Chinga missions.

Often heard to say things such as:

"This song is about me!"
"I just lit the wrong end of a cigarette."
"But daddy! I wanted a red Porsche!"
A Chinga attacked me yesterday and then put cover up on my black eyes and sword wounds.
by Chinga master September 20, 2007
when refurring to someone.
that chinga over there is hot
by liza January 11, 2005
racist word for a chinese person
those bloody fucking chinga's
by jeremy allen March 02, 2005