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Having your face ripped off by a sexually frustrated and jealous chimpanzee is sometimes referred to as being "chimped."
WOW! That bitch really got chimped when she copped a feel off of the primate's common law wife. She shouldn't have drank champagne with it and polished it's knob so much. Oh well, at least it didn't trash the bitch's Camry and steal any credit cards.
by running out of patience February 24, 2009
(Verb): To violently have genitals torn off
Taken from #2 attack move when chimpanzee's attack (#1 Ripping off Jaw #2 Tearing off of Genitals)
Susie really chimped the hell out of Randy when she found out he cheated on her
by AK_XXIII January 21, 2011
To be under the influence of marijuana.
Oh man, I'm so chimped.
by complete bastard July 10, 2002
When a player or more commonly an AI bot in a FPS "Owns" His/Herself with a explosive weapon such as a rocket launcher by hitting a something very close to them.
Lol that bot just chimped himself
by David Rushby December 13, 2007
Replaces 'gimped' to describe someone who is permanently crippled by a combat injury. Refers to a popular putdown of President Bush.
Poor bastard. Their convoy hit an IED and bang - chimped for life!
by daredevil June 29, 2004
The act of losing anything against a chimp human. Usually 70+year olds and handicapped people are ones that lose. If anything but those categories and you lose to a chimp, you should probably rethink your life and where you went wrong.
"Oh my god..i just lost to a can i live any longer?" *gun shot*

"You just got chimped!"
by magigs August 12, 2008
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