An E-8 in the Navy, who promises to change nothing and changes everything, or who promises to change everything and changes nothing. Continually hydrates with nothing except coffee and grows a ridiculously thick mustache. Also known to sodomize lesser enlisted personnel daily.
Chief Smith says, "Don't worry shipmates, I will be making sure we all get out early if the work is finished." Then after making this statement you work for one hour and are forced to stay on the ship aimlessly wandering about (working) until well after 2200.
by P.A.P.E.R.C.L.I.P. October 31, 2010
The so called "tank" of beer pong. The Chief is the player who drinks at least 2 out of 3 cups so the shooter can remain (slightly) sober.
Bro, you should be the chief tonight, you're a freakin tank.
by The NardDog July 15, 2009
when something is so amzing that its too amazing to even use the word amazing
hot snow would be chief
by grud February 24, 2009
anything that is appreciated by any subject; a very attractive person
"those crispy crowns were very chief." "I like your style, it's chief." "look at that girl, she is super chief."
by Ericsen A Yates February 14, 2009
to be a fuck face
"hey chief, why don't you learn to throw a football" MRB

"by chief I mean fuck face"
by chiefette October 12, 2009
a mug/fool who beleives they are good at something but is actuaclly shit at it. Or someone who is acting like a windowlicker
"your such a fucking chief"
by smithski May 31, 2007
someone who wants to be in charge but has no idea what they are doing
It is a dirrogatory term(insult)
Person A: i can do it im not a complete idiot (trips over something)
Person B: whatever you say chief
by BlaineM/A August 13, 2003
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