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to be a fuck face
"hey chief, why don't you learn to throw a football" MRB

"by chief I mean fuck face"
by chiefette October 12, 2009
The so called "tank" of beer pong. The Chief is the player who drinks at least 2 out of 3 cups so the shooter can remain (slightly) sober.
Bro, you should be the chief tonight, you're a freakin tank.
by The NardDog July 15, 2009
a mug/fool who beleives they are good at something but is actuaclly shit at it. Or someone who is acting like a windowlicker
"your such a fucking chief"
by smithski May 31, 2007
someone who wants to be in charge but has no idea what they are doing
It is a dirrogatory term(insult)
Person A: i can do it im not a complete idiot (trips over something)
Person B: whatever you say chief
by BlaineM/A August 13, 2003
To do something with much skill as to show up everyone else.
To be a leader, to show others how it's done.
You need to show them how it's done, you better CHIEF that shit.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
chief used as a greeting usually to a store worker or bartender
"not now chief im in the fucking zone"

"2 jagerbombs down here chief"
by Pauly The Wop November 27, 2007
1. Friend, pal, buddy, homey.....
someone you're cool with.
Hey Chief! What's up?

See ya later Cheif.
by STEPHANIE M. March 04, 2005