Term to describe an elite group of legends, who surpass all other forms of humanity. Also used as a term of endearment between said Chiefs, to indicate their superiority and general legendary status in any given situation. Chiefs are all-seeing, all-knowing and generally ahead of the curve in every way possible
Marc: "Awwwwright Chiefs!?"
Sophie: "Hiya big Chief!"
Lauren: "Awright wee nemo Chief?"
John: "Awwwwright blonde Chief!?"
Lynn: "Hiya Chiefs!"
All others: "Naw! Fuck sake Lynn!"
by Chiefofmuchchiefness March 12, 2012
Slang for: Smoking Marijuana

1. It is not known who starts all these smart ass marijuana slang terms.

1.1 It was once said that the native American Indians first used this term while they were smoking the plant with the men of the tribe, the Indian chief of the tribe was the first one to hit the pipe therefore the fellow Indians first refereed to smoking the god given plant as becoming one with the chief of chiefs.

Saying "Chief it UP". UP refers to both the GODS above ,and being HIGH as ONE

Luis: So are you down to chief it up after school today?

Danny: Yeah bro at 4:20

Luis: We shall chief the kief until then.
by RedEyedPhilosopher November 14, 2011
Chief - a term associated with someone who is typically a big dog, or speaks down to someone in a derogatory tone with derogatory comments. It originated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the Harvard Men's Hockey team coined the term "chief" to describe Freshman Forward, Jimmy Vesey for being the biggest chief in program history.
"Jimmy Vesey is such a chief. I hate that kid."
by johnnysins March 09, 2013
When someone doesn't pass the weed after they are done, and keeps hitting it without rotating.
My nigga stop chiefin' on that blunt, pass dat shit
by Ursy pursyy May 17, 2011
(proper noun).: Chad Ryan Weinhauer

(noun): a feeling of great triumph and fury

(verb): to smoke or have a great drink

(adj.): something with chief like qualities; super fucking amazing, unbeatable, and indian; kick-ass
(ex. Not looking behind me when there is an explosion made me feel so Chief)

(ex. Im chiefing on this fat chronic blunt right now)

(ex. Im so chief right now, I had a whole handle to myself)

(ex. i fucking <3 chief!)
by cousin.(: March 07, 2011
Chief, used to discribe somebody would considers or thinks themselves the best; somebody with a big ego. One might think to punch this person in the face.
Idiot 1Hey .... Chief!

Idiot 2 Mannnn sup, you know i aint no chief!
by Cadet14 February 05, 2011
The act of writing on someone using a sharpie when they are drunk and passed out.
Dude I got chiefed last night
by Union Chick April 03, 2005

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