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(v) To cast light upon the abuse of power and find humor even in heinous times.
(n) a person of small size but infinite humor.
Despite the turdblossom's constant bullying on the playground, little Mikey was able to franken the situation by explaining to the other kids that the bully was overcompensating for having a small penis.
by Lawyerbot November 15, 2005
the last name of Al Franken, SNL co-creator, writer, comedian, and staunch Liberal commentator who currently hosts a talk-show on liberal-leaning talk show network Air America Radio, based in NYC.

Has penchant for catching right-wing liars in thier tracks using their own words to paint right-wing idealogues in a proverbial corner. While being very well researched and documented, republican and right-wing personalities claim that Franken is not informed, but have yet to prove him wrong or win any lawsuit against him.

"Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right"

"Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot"
"Geez, that dude on CNN just got franken-ed! maybe he should have stopped lying to people sooner than that!"
by BigGunLefty January 08, 2005
a combined word meaning genetically engineered or unnaturally produced
Most ordinary people want to tell Monsanto to take their franken-beets and shove 'em. (example of franken-)
by The Return of Light Joker October 25, 2011
Franken- is a prefix used to describe something that is so enormously, scarily, or painfully large that it is of a Frankensteinian order of magnitude.

Franken- initially appeared as a capitalized prefix but with increasing use has been standardized as lowercase franken-.
Noun prefix: OMFG how did you ever fit that franken-dildo up your ass!?!

Adjective prefix: I'm so franken-hungry I could even eat an entire vat of stinky duck blood tofu.

Verb prefix: He just got franken-fucked so hard by his department chair ... without even the courtesy of any K-Y.
by Frank N. Stein III March 25, 2014
As in Al Franken, a true liberal who prefers to question all things conservative and generally gives those things a bad name.
Also, a legitimate comic genius who was staple on Saturday Night Live during the 80's and 90's, finally culminating in the notoriuosly bad movie "Stuart Saves His Family".
"Have you read the new Franken book? He ripped Ann Coulter a new ass!"

"The Stuart Smalley character played by Al Franken committed suicide three months ago. To bad it wasn't televised and real."
by Joseph Anglin June 12, 2005
A prefix indicating that the root word has been artificially grown or constructed or genetically modified, a la Dr. Frankenstein's monster.
"When you add 'franken' to 'food' you get 'frankenfood', which is what that hot dog you're eating is."

"That's all right -- I've got to feed my frankenboobs."
by anarcissie May 18, 2008
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