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Metaphorical labeling of a disease or diseases that one may have.
Term used to emphasize nastiness in an individual
You wanna know why none of us will sleep with her?... Ya might catch a case of herpighonasyphilaids.
by Doublefish September 18, 2003
1)used to call one fat. 2) adjective used with a fat-like insult to specify fatness in an individual 3) use as a name to inform group of nearby fatass without making it obvious
1) Chris you fucking garapito, slow down on the chips.
2) Chris, that fucking fat garapito shit bag, wiped out my supply in the fridge when he stopped over last night.
3) Holy shit! Look at all the food garapito has on his plate.
by Doublefish August 25, 2003
Merger of two words (colon and terrific) used to describe a fart released from one's colon much to the displeasure of other nearby individuals
Wow! I ripped ass and it was closterrific
by Doublefish September 18, 2003
equivalent of a description that cannot be put into words regarding a person or object of great ugliness
Did you see Scott's date? That girl looked like spulabadah!
by Doublefish August 25, 2003
Name often used to describe a woman who has her hair up in such a style that it compares to the plume of feathers on the top of a chickens head
What's up with her hair, looks like a damn chickenhead..I'm gonna pour some hot sauce on her
by Doublefish September 18, 2003

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