When a man vigorously rubs his sack in between a woman's tits.
I chestnuted your mom last night in bed.
by Sergeant poon May 25, 2005
Hard, when a boy sees something he finds sexually pleasing to the eye and he get all "happy" in the pants. e.g. hard on, stiff, erection etc
Guy 1: Dude, I'm so chestnut right now!

Dude: That chick is making me so chestnut!
by Michelle- Belle March 22, 2008
To bust a nut on a male or female's chestal region.
Cait didn't even see it coming, but for her birthday, I gave her a huge chestnut.
by Semen Cbass May 07, 2006
Basically a pearl necklace, or the act of a man ejaculating on a woman (or I suppose a man's) chest and neck. It derives from the term nut refering to the act of ejaculation and the location of the chest, thus: chestnut.
Hey honey, if you won't give me a blowjob, can I give you a chestnut?
by J. M. E. January 28, 2006

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