when you lay down on your back, jerk off, and jizz on to your chest.
Hey baby I just chestnutted, I almost lost control and wallnutted.
by bladee October 11, 2015
Where ones nipples are pointy enough to look like peanuts, therefore, they are chestnuts.
Jeremy: Dude, your so gross! Get rid of those!
Jimmy: Well, your the one that asked to see my chestnuts!
by lexiwolfz January 06, 2015
A nut covered in a super spiky porcupine-ish protection shell that will give you a million splinters if you fall on one in your yard. The nut itself is evidently so damn tasty it inspired a Christmas song that has been covered by everyone and their brother.

when a man turns into a woman and gets a boob job, they are called "chest nuts" in some parts of the world.
definition one:

"Remember when Carla was Carl before he/she had the chest nuts installed?"

"How could I forget?"

definition 2:


"I like tuwtles"
by jeezusbonbonz August 14, 2008
Pressing your hot sweaty balls against a girl's tots until it leaves an imprint.
"Jaclyn munged my grandma at her funeral so im'a chest-nut her."
by Jmillz June 21, 2007
When a guy pulls out to blow on a girl's chest, then proceeds to dive forward and smear it across her chest in a Slip and Slide motion.
- After I pulled out I gave her a Chestnut.
-Damn dude, did you slide off the bed?
by Rupert Pupkin VIII April 08, 2010
A man or woman addicted to a females bosom.

Some chest-nuts have been known to like excedingly larger ones than most.
If a man looks at a woman with a large chest 3 or more times, they can be classified as a Chest-Nut.
by Ryan Serbet July 12, 2005
Lazy organisms that just lay around all day
he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy
by Pizza shit February 24, 2004
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