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A term synonymous with testicles.
Pickup Line: Yo, how'd you like to suck these bocces?

In response to being badgered: Ay, would you fuckin' get off my bocces?
by twoballs May 08, 2009
An adjective that means something that is generally perceived as lame or uncool yet is incredibly fun. Usually used to describe activities that one enjoyed as a youth, but due to social norms, refused to acknowledge it as such, for fear of ostracism. Examples include: old cartoons, old toys, etc.
Bartz: "What!? You're watching the old Pokemon series? That's so bocce!"

Boko: "Whatever, you know it's awesome."

Bartz: "..." (sits down) "Let's play with some LEGOs after this episode."
by BocoCorwin January 30, 2012
A game best played drunk involving two or more players who take turns chucking balls towards a smaller white ball, the winner being whoever chucks their ball closest. If you manage to hit the smaller, whiter ball, guess what you get to yell.
Peter hit the white ball, and his warrior cry of "bocce!" signaled the game was his.
by dr. girlfriend June 26, 2007
The only word allowed to use when describing something to do with bocce ball.
Wow! That bocce throw was bocce good!
by luckypotatoes July 14, 2005
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