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Verb. Appointing a family member to an important position ahead of other, more qualified applicants.
My uncle is going to nepotize me right into that management job at his cracker factory.
by slegotoo November 07, 2010
Interjection. Used primarily in text messages to denote displeasure, disgust, or disapproval.
I just saw my ex bf kissing some skank—grmph!
by slegotoo November 07, 2010
Noun. A phony accent.
Dude. That awful phaccent sounded more British than Austrailian.
by slegotoo November 07, 2010
Noun. English spoken in the style of Star Wars character Yoda.
"A number three meal with a large drink will I have," I said in Yodish.
by slegotoo November 07, 2010
Noun. An online journal using graphics, text, audio, and video applications to share ideas and experiences.
Make sure you check out my African safari xog to see the photos and videos I took.
by slegotoo November 07, 2010
iggynaut |ih-gee-not|


A person so obviously aloof and out-of touch, they seem to have spent years in a government agency training to be ignorant; like an astronaut trains to go into space.
While I was on-line for coffee, this iggynaut kept trying to explain to me why gay marriage would be the end of the world.
by slegotoo March 12, 2012

The little bits of fuzz that sometimes collect in one's butt-crack after wearing sweat-pants without underwear.
When I got home from playing handball with my buds, there was this wad of cheney in my ass-crack from my sweats. I gotta remember to wear underwear, next time.
by slegotoo February 12, 2012

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