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verb: cheney, cheneyed, cheneying

1) missing something by a country mile

2) to aim for the broad side of a barn and hit a lawyer

3) hunting when drunk and blind as a bat

4) taking lawyers out of season

5) premature ejaculation
"What the fuck are you shootin at, Bobby Sue? You almost go me instead, you fucking idiot! You go to hell, Clint! It's the first time I cheneyed my shot in over a week!"

"Hey caddy, get me a 6-iron! I'm in no mood to cheney this putt!"

"Honey, get me some paper towels. I went to piss in the toilet but got it all over the seat. I cheneyed the direction of my stream again. Oops."

"Darling, I think I just cheneyed in my underwear. Get me a smoke, will ya. "Marvin, I'm so sick and tired of you cheneying early and falling asleep ten seconds later. Get your own cigarette, you inadequate moron!"
by SnowyOwl February 18, 2006
The illegitimate offspring of Jerry Springer and Barbara Bush. Someone who purchases brides for lots of money. Trump is conclusive proof that money can't buy you everything....like personality, for example.
"Oh Donald....Donald Trump...you're forgetting our pre-nuptual agreement again. For the last time, get your ugly fucking head back inside that pillowcase....or turn the damn lights off!"
by SnowyOwl February 17, 2006

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