A girl who really deserves a listing among the jack ass (dick Cheney)

Unlike him this Cheney is a gorgeous, loving, sexy girl.

She is irish and has the most beautiful green eyes!

She has a nice Ass! And knows how so use is!

She is great in bed.!!

And will always be there to eather love you or kick you fucking ass! She is one of the few girls who can make a guy run for his life!
(she's a dick magnet)

*Cheney is not a whore or slut*

And she is very sweet and nice... VERY ATHLETIC!!!
Guy 1: dude who's that chick?!
Guy 2: ohh that's Cheney don't mess with her!

Guy 1: I'll take my chances...
Guy 2: ohh god...

Guy 1: what's up?
Cheney: (slaps him and then makes out with him)
Guy 1: (gets fucked)

Guy 2: I need a Cheney :((
by Stacy kriedeman January 19, 2011
Top Definition
(n.) An evil motherfucker.
"Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney."
by CBDS July 16, 2006
To shoot a man in the face with bird shot from a shotgun, at a range of approximately 30 yards.
Your face looks like hell, Ed.
Yeah, that hunter really cheneyed the shit out of me.
by Don "the Don" Penman February 13, 2006
To spray in the face.
"When I withdrew from Vinnie's mouth, I grabbed it by the hilt and cheneyd his entire face."
by john mclaughlin February 14, 2006
An unsupected blast(birdshot, semen, vomit) to the face, neck and chest.
Mid blow-job, I pulled out and Cheney'd my girlfriend.
by Galvin February 15, 2006
v. 1) To shoot in the face
The porn star pulled out and cheneyed the porn actress with his cum.
by C. Lee February 15, 2006
this term can be used in a variety of ways. it can be used in the past tense (ex 1), present tense (ex 2), or future tense (ex 3). It basically means the process of acting like you're going to or actually shoot a man in the face.
Jimbo: What the hell happened to Todd?
Harry: He was hunting with Bob and he got Cheneyed!
Frank: Watch where you're swinging that gun, Jack!
Jack: What? It's not like I'm gonna Cheney you!
Billy: Come on, Mike! We're going hunting with George & Dick.
Mike: Damn it... Do we have to? That Dick can't shoot for shit. I bet one of us gets Cheneyed by that sumbitch!
by Fafnir March 06, 2006
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