one part of a persons ass
"I would like to bang her inbetween her ass cheeks."
by allan bowling April 30, 2006
To kiss some one on the cheek in saying goodbye to that person. Said mostly to friends (usually between females) or family members.
Hey you guys, I'm leaving! Before I go, give me some cheek!
by meganj May 26, 2005
Irish slang for ''back-talk'', it is now only recently used as a joke to describe fellatio.
Scumbag: ''You giving me cheek, boy?''
Reply: '' I'm not gay, faggot''
by WOLF&FIRA June 23, 2009
a girl with a round face and big perfect butt. she is chilll and gorgeous. loveable and gets along with everyone. most often the type of girl who hangs with the guys and everyone falls for.
Yo Cheeks, come party with the lax bros!
by cheekydeekys September 04, 2011
To accidently hangup on somebody with your smartphone by touching "end call" on the touch screen with your cheek.

Can end with an "ed" "ing" or "er" as well
(Picks up phone from person I just cheeked): Hey, I'm a cheeker.
(Person on the other line): Stop cheeking me!
by iamnotthekase September 08, 2011
A military term, originating in the US Marine Corps, "To Cheek" is to do something wrong, but then leave before there's time for you to get in trouble for it.
Originally referred to Lcpl Cheek, who held an underage drinking event in which many Marines were disciplined, while he was already on his way to another duty station.
"Adam got caught with booze in his room."
"It's ok, he's cheeking it. He leaves tomorrow."
by Kupalupe November 18, 2008
To have sex with.
Damn bro I would cheek the living shit out of her.
by harrrrderstyle November 07, 2009

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