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Grade "A", quality booty.

Double D's of the ass world.

Known to cause instant boners.

When is presence of cheeks, one must yell "juice" to let her know what's up.
Nicki Minaj's ass would be a prime example of cheeks.

What is the meaning of life?

by ShredGnarShark July 08, 2012
The act of a wet willy with cheeto fingers.

"How to" directions:
1. Enjoy a bag of cheetos.
2. Lick cheesy fingers throughout your snack.
3. Also pick your victim and plan of attack while you eat.
4. After finishing the last cheeto, DON'T lick your fingers, but leave the cheese on .
5. In stealth, get close to your victim.
6. Commence Wet Chilly.
7. Insert cheesy finger DEEP into victims ear.
8. Rotate your finger 3 times to assure a full Wet Chilly.
9. Pull out and run.
10. Whatever you do, DO NOT lick the rest of the cheese off your finger after a Wet Chilly
Liam: "Fuck you Jake, Wet Willys are so gross".

Jake: "Hahahaha. Nah. Check your ear cheab. That was a fuckin Wet Chilly".
by ShredGnarShark October 01, 2011
Chea-B-S is a nickname for the world renowned Cocoa Beach Skate Park.

Pronunciation: "chee-be-es"

Chea-B-S is a great skatepark. The only problem is that its infested with cheabs. (look up definition of CHEAB).

The cheabs of Chea-B-S are the cheabiest cheabs of all cheabs. They don't ever skate. They just run around and cause havoc.

The head-cheabs inlcude:
JarrOd- President Cheab
Liam- Vice Cheab
Cory- Secretary of Suck
RJ- Secretary of annoyingSHITS
Blake- Secretary of Anger
Elijah- Colored Representative
Cool KId #1: "Yo Jake, let's go skate. Want to head over to Chea-B-S?"

Cool Kid #2: "Nah, im sick of all those damn cheabs. I would rather skate paradise funplex."
by ShredGnarShark October 01, 2011
Steve Workman is a professional skater for Demonseed Skateboards.

The GREATEST skateboarder of all time. (Yes, greater than Tony Hawk)

Steve Workman is not as famous as Tony Hawk because the average human being cannot handle the extreme coolness of Steve Workman.

Steve Workman is known for shredding vert ramps and pools all over Florida.

Steve Workman can shred street too, but he finds the lack of vert too boring for him.

Steve Workman skates so fast that he can't skate metal coping. He needs the rough pool coping to manage is speed.

Steve Workman airs so high that he puts lead in his pockets to hold him down.

Steve Workman's knee pads are over 10 years old but look brand new because Steve Workman NEVER falls.

Steve Workman can be found schralping the shit out of the Chea-B-S bowl on a nightly basis.

Steve Workman is the exact opposite of a Cheab.

If Chuck Norris decided to skateboard, he would ride a Steve Workman pro model.
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Steve Workman!".
by ShredGnarShark October 03, 2011
When a situation seems like merp, but ends up being derp.

You end up pulling some quality cheek.

She ends up having a penis.

Hence, merpNderp.
by ShredGnarShark July 06, 2012
Super wack online skateboard monoply. Supported by all the faggot poser kids. (Similar to Zumiez)
Specializes in Justin Bieber attire, like tight colorful jeans, and Supra Skytop shoes.

CCS is an acronym that stands for:
Cheab Cheab and Some more cheab.
(Look up the word cheab for full understanding.)
Yo Lom, where did you get that lame ass skateboard?

CCS! But I still can't kickflip.
by ShredGnarShark September 05, 2011
Someone who really sucks..... like really SUCKS at skateboarding.

Someone who can't win a game of flatground skate.
Someone who invents the gayest shit tricks on mini ramp.
Someone who misses the last trick of a skateboard train.
Someone who rides CCS griptape.
Someone who always gets in the way.
Someone who does fs 180 nosegrab air-outs.
Someone who breaks their collar bone on a skim board.
Someone who pushes mongo.

You can really just tell by natural instinct if a kid is a Cheab or not. (Unless you are a cheab)

Origin of the word Cheab: In 1969, a skater tryed to read the word "Beach" backwards, and ended up saying "Cheab". He was obviously a Cheab.
Move out of the way you gosh darn Cheab!
by ShredGnarShark September 05, 2011

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