A congratulatory exclamation that metaphorically indicates the recipient receives a kiss on the cheek, in a friendly or loving manner, for their impressive display.
"That video you posted was fantastic. Cheek!"
by AlmaEntity October 07, 2007
chick geek. A female geek, typically the one in a group of male geeks. Identifying characteristics include cell phone, blackberry, IRC nick, fully conversational in Cisco IOS (CCIE recommended),fully GPL compliant, sourceforge regular, gaming nights, etc.

Seen as "one of the guys" and usually not as a viable option for dating.
"Nicole is a total cheek. I was talking to her on IRC about having a night of D&D next week. She said she had to go reset the router and update the ACLs and she would text me later."
by pppoeden February 03, 2007
V. The act of having intercourse

N. A particular set of buttock on females.
Matt: "Where did you disappear to last night?"
Tom: "Oh was I smashing cheeks?"
Matt: "I know it"

Braden: "I love being at the beach, there are cheeks everywhere!"
by Haven Squad September 01, 2008
Means a one or a group of cool people.
Today I hooked up with some cheeks from emanuel.
by sophie g November 11, 2007
1. Buttocks
2. One's personage
3. An indentation.
4. (informal) Said after a statement when joking
5. (informal) Said to express disbelief, doubt or even denial
2. "Get your cheeks over here"
3. "When you wake up there's going to be cheek marks in your car's bonnet."
4. "Avalon is all yep! Cheeks!"
5. "You drank all my Real McCoys!"
"Cheeks I did!"
by Cabji September 27, 2003
This word is used mainly by black people ect. also used when a person spots a nice lookin girl or a girl with a fat ass...

Trae: Damn folk look at dem cheeks!
Qwuan:Daaaammmnnn her shit phat!
Trae: and she gotta nice simle
by TrippinKev August 08, 2006
The act of fellacio.
Last night my girlfriend made me give her cheek.
by Lesbian Lover November 06, 2007

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