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In an exceptionally advanced altered state of mind, generally brought on by alcohol.
Oh man you guys Kyle was so cheeked last night he tried to jump out a window.
by Himla January 22, 2009
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A way of stating that you are mad about something that is unreasonable or very unlucky.
"I just blew that test after studying. Pretty cheeked right now."
by The Hemmer January 14, 2013
When your talking to someone on your cell phone, and they say "are you there? I can't hear you", they've been cheeked, as you have muted your cell phone with your cheek.
I just cheeked you, you've been cheeked.
by Roo80 March 27, 2012
When someone puts their bare butt up on someone's face. Preferably when they are passed out from partying.
LOL, everyone look, Wes was cheeked by Steve again!
by serotonin April 05, 2006
When a creepy ex-boyfriend lurks around your residence, specifically apartments in hopes to catch a glimpse of you.
"Oh my god I opened the balcony door and Mike just happend to be outside and it was 2am. Looks like you've just totally been Cheeked"
by MKS18181881 April 12, 2008

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