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mystical creatures that reside in college dormitories. often are found doing the following acts: chauncing around, stinking things up, rubbing it's junk, chauncing around without appropriate clothing, or lying immobile in it's dungeonous lair for hours on end.
"You dirty chaunce."
"Get the 'F' outta my way chaunce"
"The chauauauauauauauance."
Chaunce is such a dirty chaunce today, chauncin' around in his bare ass and stinkin' up the joint.
by Marvin Jenkins April 03, 2006
Definition: The word chaunce is much of an enigma in today's teenage society, but those who can fully grasp the various meanings and uses of the word will refer to it as such:

1. One who carries himself in a presumptuous manner all the while unknowingly giving off an overall vibe of uncoolness that somehow deters from the well-being of those around

2. One who fails miserably at something after premature boasts of achievement

3. Someone that denies a man what he desires most while not receiving any benefit by doing so; the denial is simply due to a lack of comprehension of the gravity of the ordeal

Other possible meanings include but are not limited to short and swift negro man and the male reproductive organ
Examples correspond with their respective definitions:

1. "I was cock-blocked by that chaunce; he clearly does not understand the concept of 'wingman'"

2. "Yes, after receiving nothing after having her, quote, "in the palm of your hand", I name you chaunce of the week"

3. "The woman refused to let me inside her residence where her daughter I sought lay waiting"

Other forms of word: chauncedom; chaunciest; chauncier; chauncey
by Chaunce January 02, 2007
Noun: an Über-douche; one who is deliberately ostentatious; lacks self-awareness; obnoxiously loud; frequent hash tag user; admirer of Ryan Lochte.
Bryan, who owns every season of Entourage on dvd, is a total chaunce.
by Kataar Snyburch June 14, 2013
A replacement word for any noun.

To Chaunce: To get high

Chaunces: commonly used for "weed"
where are the chaunces at?

Are you chaunced?


Lets get some chaunces.
by AJ Wilten May 19, 2008
n. An individual that removes themself from social interaction with other individuals, or avoids going to public places with friends, co-workers, family, etc.
v. The act of being a chaunce
n. I invited Jason to the party, but he's not gonna come. He's such a chaunce.
v. He chaunced out last night.
by kcgreene June 24, 2010
Chaunce or Chauncing is defined as “chillin” or takin it easy.
Man, I feel lazy, all i did was chaunce all day.

Hey man what are you doing?
Not much, I just feel like chauncing all day today.
by cread April 23, 2010
To be extremly greedy, lack of funds .. the definition is like bigfoot you just have to see it to believe it.
you get a ride fishing with your friend and he charges you for new tires because you rode in his truck.. thats chaunce..


you use your friends lighter and he charges you .20 cents for butane .. thats chaunce...

you bring your friend on a vacation and bring your own beer and booze and his brother drinks all your beer so you drink a few of his and when the trip is over he charges you for 4 heinekens and when you tell him you dont have cash on you and you will pay him later,so he ends your 13 year friendship.. THATS CHAUNCE!!!!
by Friend Nomore March 17, 2010

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