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One of the best songs in my opinion written by the prog/death metal band "DEATH"... It is featured track 5 off the human album..... At first the song may sound like jazz but dont make an understatment over the first 10 seconds...
NU-METAL KID THATS 14: Hey guys I just bought slipknots new album "subliminal verses"

Death fan: Dude thats been around for 2 years anyways ... go listen to some real metal not that pussy shit you kids think is a fasion statement

NU-METAL KID: My mom wont let me listen to death because she says it provokes people into satans wrath

Death Fan - well thats you're problem you pussy

Death fan- well remember this when you move out listen to lack of comprehension

NU-METAL KID- but my mom wants me to stay home the rest of my life
by thecairvoyant May 18, 2007
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