someone who is both chunky and skanky
man did you see that chank? she looked like a whale with lipstick on
by elctra112930 February 16, 2009
A racial slur directed directly towards chinese only.
Becuase of its very common Asian family name, Chan.
Your friend is a chank!

You mean a chink?

No, he's Chinese.
by Cam360master March 09, 2010
A contraction of "chunky skank" that is, a fat, promiscuous female. Derivative of chunky sluts
"All the chanks show up after 1 a.m. because the beer goggles are thicker."
by LazyNine April 16, 2006
Slang for a dog named Champ. Often used while under the effects of marijuana.
"Chank!! Chank you lousy mutt, get over here!!"
by bmunge June 01, 2009
A person with an unusually lumpy head.
Alex: Maren, your such a chank. Look how bumpy your head is. Natalie, you gotta feel this.
by Mareeenn :) December 08, 2008
A slang term for sandal, derived from the spanish "chancla" used for sandal. Being used more commonly in the suburbs of Los Angeles
Dont forget your chanks when you go to the pool.
by rrobertt January 26, 2008
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