Another word for chewing tobacco, originating in Central Pennsylvania.
yo, you got any chank J. Nick?
by Anon April 03, 2004
a female's behind
a girl's butt
a woman's posterior
"man look at the chank on that thang"
by derf January 06, 2005
chank is a mix of rank and chat

something that is chat is very disgusting

something is rank wen it sucks
that vomit is soooo chank
by orange frog man May 11, 2006
A combination of a skank and a chunky person: A chunk skank.
Autumn and Kylie were being chanks when they walked around school with their asses hanging out of there leggings.
by bitches1000 December 01, 2015
A word meaning how much of a cockhead someone is. Usually someone who annoys another until they get angry.
Dude 1: Wow dude fuck off you chanks
Dude 2: Okay I'm sorry
Dude 1: Yeah now piss off you chanks
by The L-Tron September 18, 2014
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