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slang for chink(asian person)first became popular on the Chappelle's show.
AA-Rabs, Jews, Neegers, and all those kinds of chanks....stank!

hey kyle, jet lee called, he wants his eyes back. rick james bitch
by pat dutcha April 01, 2004
The act of shanking someone while at the same time chundering all over them
I like to chank people at the weekends, especially after one to many drinks
#shank #chunder #sick #chanked #shanked #chanking
by Larious December 02, 2011
a word used as a substitute for thanks and cheers....
chanks for letting me stay at yours last nite
by anony mouse August 05, 2004
Spanglish for Thong Sandals; comes from Spanish 'chancleta'
Dude, I just got the coolest Reef chanks!
by Cristy October 16, 2003
slang term for adderall used by kids in the northeast
Ayyyy boi you got the chank hookup?
by nignog56 May 19, 2016
To smoke marjiuana with the intent to get high.
Dave: "Yo do you want to chank bro? I got some decent trees on me."
Jason: "Of fo sho!"


Matt: "Dayummm! I just wanna chank all weekend."
#chank #weed #pot #marijuana #smoke #get high #chanked #chanking #reefer
by Batwing George May 17, 2012
A fictional stalker on a social networking site. This person never reveals their their identity to their victim. Chank is usually created by close friends who know more than the average person would know about the victim, therefor leaving the victim very confused and paranoid.
Chris and Tim decided to chank me. Couldn't believe it was them all along. Why would they waste their time?

Tom got so worried about the mysterious Chank, he wouldn't step foot in his basement for days.
#chank #dilby #bill the wolf #stalker #trust me #social networking
by CrispyPs TimmyPrad January 12, 2011
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