a combination of chill and dank.
brooooo, that party last night was sooooooo ssssssick!
ferrr suuuure brooooo, that party was most definitely chank!
by don'traykwon February 20, 2008
Another name for a cigarette.
Can I bum a chank?

Let's have a chank!
by Jeffadee November 15, 2007
Use by Chinese people to refer to each other, much in the same way that blacks call each other "niggahs"
Wasup my Chank brotha...
by Chinaman Mao May 04, 2003
fat meaning chunky skank "chank"
fat chunky slut.
gaffey-look at that chank
kaine-dammm she is one fat slut
by mackeeee June 24, 2005
The act of choking and spanking during sex.
Putting one hand around the throat, while the other
is smacking her ass.
Part choke, Part spank = Chank
She begged me to chank her like I did last time!

I chanked her until we both passed out.
by Cybermyzer August 30, 2005
Originating from the counter-strike sound made when hitting someone in the face from your asian spray
He killed me, but I ch4nked him, so ethan will probably get the kill.
by shift April 06, 2004
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