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1. Noun. An ancient Hawaiian hand gesture whereby the thumb and pinky fingers are extended whilst the index, middle and ring fingers take the form found in a fist. The hand thus displayed is then shaken or 'shakka-ed' in alternating 180 degree movements. The 'shakka' represents the philosophy of 'hanging loose'. It is a common greeting gesture amongst male homo sapien sapiens.

2. Verb. To shakka, meaning to 'hang loose', take it easy, chillax or even #yolo.
Jono: Hey Frank! *shakkas*
Frank: Hey Jono! *shakkas*
Jono: Aw man I don't know if I'll drink tonight...
Frank: Shakka!
by shakka June 28, 2013
1. Adjective. When something is 'mint' but a little funky too.

2. Extra 'minty'.
Gav: Yo Frank, did you just see that girl with one blue eye and one brown eye??
Frank: Yeah dawg I did, she was chai.
by shakka June 28, 2013
1. Noun. A traditional Scandinavian competition dating back to the Middle Ages used as to measure a man's masculinity. The competition involves two men entering an oak sauna and, without the aid of refreshments, seeing how long they can bear the relentless, oaky heat. The last man left remaining in the sauna is declared the winner and true man, i.e. the possessor of masculinity, whilst the other is banished into the cold woodlands to fend for his survival.
Henry: Yo Ash, remember when I beat you in the sauna-off?
Ash: Yeah, my masculinity took a terrible beating that day.
by shakka June 28, 2013

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