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The best thing ever. Like a chai tea, except it has that foamed latte stuff on top.
Yum! Chai tea latte!
by Dispute Of The Lemon Tea August 18, 2007
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A term used by people who don't know what things are called. Typically used in reference to a chai latte. Pretty Yummy
babegirl: Let's go get a chai tea latte?

Dudeman: What the fuck?

babegirl: Tea with milk...

Dudeman: Ah, a chai latte.

babegirl: Yep.

Dudeman: Sure.

///Goes to starbucks\\\

babegirl: One grande chai tea latte please.

Baristahomee: What the hell? Nope, no can do.

Dudeman: One grande chai latte, make it snappy.

Baristahomee: Sure thing bro, it'll be ready in a sec

babegirl: FUCK.

Dudeman+Baristahomee: Ha. Foo. Respect the english language
by Supertroll999 January 24, 2012

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