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Somehow means you will get beat up...although I'm not sure if that's when it's hot or when it's cold.
Thugs approach you and start a harmless conversation. Then one asks the others "Is it hot or cold". I don't remember what the answer was, but next thing I knew I got my face punched and they all ran away.
by dpc453 August 11, 2006
Meaning are you available to hang or not. Taken from the lyrics of the Katy Perry song, "Hot or Cold". The next few lines could also be used to add effect.
Me: "Hey man we're going to Pacifica this summer, are you hot or cold?"
Him: "What??"
Me: "Are you yes or are you no? Are you in or out? Are you up, or are you down?"
"Oh I get it, I guess I'm in or whatever."
by Nynecho June 20, 2016
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