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Often referred to as:
Triple C
Poorman's X

What it is:
Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold

Whats it for?
It has large amounts of DXM(dextromethorphan); sometimes referred to as "dex"

Many of these are ingested for DXM's reputation of being a psychedelic drug.

Make's you trip out
Ey dude wanna pop some CCC to trip?
by Cfer November 15, 2004
Although it's origin is from Coricidin Cough & Cold, it can be used to refer to any product with large amounts of Dextromethorophan (DXM). This term is dangerous in that most DXM products when consumed in large amounts can be deadly (particularly acetaminophen and chlorpheniramine maleate).
DXM alone, although mcuh safer than true CCCs, can lead to Olney's lesions, a condition linked to disassociatives such as PCP, in the brain.
"I popped about 20 CCCs last night and tripped balls!"
by Señor Gato May 30, 2005
In the slang CCC means Cool Calm and Collected.
I keep it 300 ( CCC, 300 in Roman numerals ), like the Romans
by Mezelluf March 25, 2014
or also known as "triple c" or coricidin. not the best way to get high it contains 30 mg of dextromethorphan and 4 mg of chlorpheniramine maleate, but it has a extra active ingredient that can kill you if you overdose because if taken in large quantities the liver cannot break it down and causing poisening. so i recommend you dont trip out on the cordicidin. try Robitussin (15 mg) or a new one called Mucinex (30 mg)
"man i'm high off the c-c-c"
-"fuck that shit, that aint good do some tussin"
"i'm trippin out on C-C-C...ahhhh my liver!!!"
by Bumbleebee March 30, 2006
ChucktownCreeperCrew. Misguided, uneducated, and delusional males in Charleston, SC who started self-proclaimed "club" often associated with excessive and often drug use. Difficult to tell if you are watching a pack deranged hyenas trying to capture an injured baby deer before succumbing to starvation; or if you are witnessing pathetic attempts of these leeches to get the attention of a female who is way out of their league, then move to the opiate addicted mother of 4 under the age of 26.Quite possibly the most provoking, but most justifiable reason to realign their face, are the tags the stick everywhere, including your car. One of life's lessons: don't ever mess with someone's fucking car. There is a small/smelly group of supporting females. These daddy-issue riddled bitches have more problems than Jerry Sanduski's asshole in prison. Mayo Clinic cannot classify their vaginas as organs anymore when that many unsanitary people/ foreign objects frequent one place, more commonly know as Public Housing.They too coined a completely degrading and ignorant label, wasn’t important enough to fully recall but has something to do with P*ssy. These statistics dwell in seedy parts of town, they would be chased with pitchforks and lynched upon capture in any respectable part of Charleston. These marvelous additions to society make impressive contributions like boosting the economy with daily drug deals and supporting the local clinics with unplanned pregnancy and STD screening.
I'm sorry I am not going anywhere near that bar, because I've seen pictures of those fucking retards hanging in know the ones who hold a CCC symbol with their hands and think its cool? Yea, those waste of lives and those nasty girls they have around them, I'm sorry when did muffin tops and herpes become the "in" style?
Abbreviation for Country Club Crest in the Bay Area, romping grounds for Mac Dre and his associates
Fuck New York! It's all about the CCC
by i5racer August 03, 2010
Colonel Cabin Crew. A group of fellas who know how to have one hell of a time. All members of the crew must display one key doctrine: C.C.C over hoes. They also need to have a knack for "omegling." The C.C.C is something to be proud of. It should be considered such an achievement so that you display your membership on the fridge and place it on your résumé. After joining the C.C.C the woman will flock to you like never before.
Dude I got the job
No way man. Congrats!
Yeah he said my membership in the C.C.C is what really sold me to him.
No way yesterday me and girl engaged in sexual intercourse and right after she said it was because I was in the C.C.C.
Dude the C.C.C is the greatest thing that's ever happened to us!
by TheCCCmember January 09, 2014
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