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Often referred to as:
Triple C
Poorman's X

What it is:
Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold

Whats it for?
It has large amounts of DXM(dextromethorphan); sometimes referred to as "dex"

Many of these are ingested for DXM's reputation of being a psychedelic drug.

Make's you trip out
Ey dude wanna pop some CCC to trip?
by Cfer November 15, 2004
A pimp described by nothing less than the word itself "Cfer"
I want to meet a great guy like...so great he is undescribable...Like Cfer.
by Cfer November 15, 2004
A town, In south dakota that lacks things to do even though its population shows there should be.
"Yall wanna goto watertown?" The man asked, "THERES NOTHING TO DO THERE GOD PLEASE NO!!" Replied the hippies.
by Cfer November 15, 2004

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