Colonel Cabin Crew. A group of fellas who know how to have one hell of a time. All members of the crew must display one key doctrine: C.C.C over hoes. They also need to have a knack for "omegling." The C.C.C is something to be proud of. It should be considered such an achievement so that you display your membership on the fridge and place it on your résumé. After joining the C.C.C the woman will flock to you like never before.
Dude I got the job
No way man. Congrats!
Yeah he said my membership in the C.C.C is what really sold me to him.
No way yesterday me and girl engaged in sexual intercourse and right after she said it was because I was in the C.C.C.
Dude the C.C.C is the greatest thing that's ever happened to us!
by TheCCCmember January 09, 2014
Color Changin' Click ya'll. Southern mayne Chamillionaire's click. Featuring his bro Rasaq and some other known Texas rappers.
C.C.C. collaberates with Slim Thugga, OG Ron C, Mike 5000 Watts, Paul Wall, 50/50, Young Ro, Big Gem, Lil Flip, Killa Kyleon, etc.
by Yo da new 8ball and MJG is hot January 12, 2005
Coricidan Cold & Cough
also known as skittles...
Damn Chup! Mutha fuccer yu been tryppin on them C's alll night! Share em with yur gurl...
by pimpalicious_22 {ashleyLiza} June 11, 2004
Abbreviation for the all mighty Chocolate Chip Cookies
"Damn, I would totally eat CCCs with you!"
by EmmaMyLemma February 11, 2014
Cool Cids (Kidz) Clan. Westside asian niggas be reppin. Scoop dunkin' OGS cause they can do shit like that. No gang related.
"Did that homie just scoop dunk me? YEAH, CCC"
by CCC fellow member July 17, 2012
A group also know as certified creepers club. This group of people make it a point to creep on people and get stuff done!! The CCC are amazing people and no one messes with them!
That person must be from the CCC because they are awesome!
by lucky_1 March 23, 2011
Carefully crafted cleavage; an acronym used to describe a women who has clearly had plastic surgery on her breasts. Thus enhancing their appearance and making it obvious that she is very shallow.
Man that bitch clearly has CCC!

You know Stacy? She just recently had CCC done, such a shame..
by Fish57 July 23, 2011

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