clown car cock
That guy has a CCC - when we had sex I could barely walk for a week!
by radicalp March 25, 2010
a gang in southern west virginia that run drug trade, underground prostitution, and extreme bear death matches
The local bear population has went down 100% since them CCC boys moved in.However the jenkem and meth trade has went up 200%.
by elbowdrop jones August 24, 2010
Crunk Canadian Club. A club that extremely amazing girls in panama city florida join in order to make their friendships last through highschool. It originated at Jinks Middle School in 2006. Members of the C.C.C. celebrate their awsomeness on July 1 also known as Canada Day (a real legal holiday). The celebrations usually consist of getting really drunk, cheating on your boyfriends, not wearing bra's, and taking your pants off in front of strangers.
Alina: Whoooo get drunk yeahhhhhhh!!!
Becky: o no no no for eternity.
vaGINA: AHAHH a bug bit me i gotstaa take my pants offf!!
Matcat:(cupping breats) I AM WEARING A BRA!!
Momma Savannah: get yo drunk asses in the house before i beat you with my flip flop!!
by OG of da CCC May 29, 2009
Abbreviation for Cooking, Cleaning, and Children; the only things that women should be doing with their lives
Girl: Im going to go driving
Boy: You can't, cars is not one of the CCC
by RB Rebecca Black March 15, 2011
CARSON CITY CUNTS. Buncha fucking faggots, who think there hot shit, AND THERE A BUNCH OF FIRST CLASS ASS SNIFFERS ADDICTED TO METH. They can't back up their shit, and there so insecure about themselves, because they know DDS is the SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, and we kick there ass EVERYTIME. DONT FUCK WITH US.
CCC, are wannabe highclass hicks. Basically, all wannabe sandcastle builders.
by ddsallthewaymuthafucka December 14, 2010
CCC is used in the baking world, meaning CupCake Cake. Basically, it's a cake made out of a bunch of cupcakes.
That CCC is just awful!
by Magical Leopluradon July 20, 2009
IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CUPCAKE CLUB. The club that everyone wants to be in but is most exclusive because only true cupcakers are allowed in. The CCC is all about cupcakes. Especially them cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting. Ain't no safeway shit here. We high class baby, CCC!

e.g. also referred to people who cupcake alot
"mmmmm, this is the best cupcake ever. with that creamcheese frostaaang" says Sarah.
"Oh really, you in thaaa CCC??" says tom

*a couple whispering things in each others ears and giggling and kissing loveydovey* "AYE YOU TWO IN THE CCC?!"
by yotwitterbugyousajitterbug? January 13, 2010
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