correction by dick. when a lesbian gets dicked down right and realizes she was only messing around with other females because she had never gotten it right before.
he hit her with that cbd last week, shes messing around with dudes again and hasn't looked back.
by greenguy9 January 23, 2012
Cash Before Dicks

shes likes to get paid for da lovin
Girl 1:you gonna do him

Girl 2:yeah be i gotta see some CBD first
by simmer90210 September 25, 2009
An abbreviation for "It can not be denied." Refers to a previous statement. Used for routine and/or vigorous affirmation.
"...'cuz I know you love the pussy."
"Dude, of course. CBD."
by backfisch June 03, 2004
Cock-Blocker Designate. A person, usually a close friend, who has been assigned the task at a specific social event of preserving another's chastity and/or self-respect when that person has announced that they do not feel up to the task themselves. This normally involves preventing the person from hooking up or macking a potential sexual partner who is not up to the ideal.
"Yo, I can't drink too much tonight. Sue's tempted to move on that guy who works at Bucky's and she needs me to be CBD."
by HarpyMuse August 17, 2005
the "central business district" of a city, usually swarming with rich, white people
we was cruisin' around CBD and saw nothing but bitches and white fools
by Random Hero February 24, 2003

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