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What jews do when the rest of the world celebrates christmas:

1. go to the movies
2. go to a chinese restaurant

why? these are the only places open!
Jewmas this year will be <i>Night of the Living Dead</i>, <i>Death Bed: The Bed That Eats</i>, <i>Bad Santa</i>, and then dinner at Hou Long.
by backfisch December 20, 2004
A drug user who gains pride and purpose from taking a wide assortment of drugs, especially the endless variations of tryptamines and phenethylamines. Drug Twinkies generally view their drug use as profound mental exploration, and will harp on comparing the different psychonautic possibilities of various drugs.
"I just want acid, not any of that obscure drug twinkie crap."
by backfisch December 26, 2004
Originally refers to those homosexuals who are so ineffably heteronormative that they act like typical breeders, even though they are a slave to the cock (or the vag). Its use has expanded as a insult for those who differ from the mainstream in an interesting or awesome way, but can't own it or face it.
"If you really like cheesy disco music, fine, but admit it or you'll be another straight fag.
by backfisch January 10, 2005
An abbreviation for "It can not be denied." Refers to a previous statement. Used for routine and/or vigorous affirmation.
"...'cuz I know you love the pussy."
"Dude, of course. CBD."
by backfisch June 03, 2004

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