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2 definitions by GSJ

Cock Blocking Degree: The word is used to refer to anyone whether male or female who either intentionally or accidently interferes with a male trying to meet or hook up with a woman or man. (Usually the interference leads to rejection)

Slang used to describe someone who repeatedly blocks your balls in pool/billiards (also known as Jap Pool)
Damn, "Insert Persons Name" just freakin came over while I was talking to that chick. It was going good until they came over. "Name" must have their CBD cause next thing I new, the chick walked away fast.


Damn man, you got your CBD, thats the 5th time you blocked the 8-ball
by GSJ April 29, 2008
A woman (generally of peruvian decent) whom you would utilize for spooning, when your 'snoogling' the woman resembles a large full body pillow generally used by a pregnant woman
She's my snoogles. I Cant believe how good I slept last night
by GSJ April 28, 2008