could be down.
"Hey man, want to hang out with Homum and I later tonight?"

by elite12495 May 13, 2016
Critical Bollock Depth. When a guy is lowering himself slowly into a cold body of water, such as an outdoor swimming pool, this is the point at which his nuts become fully immersed and he lets out a shriek.
Person going into water: "FUUUUUUUCKK, I've just reached CBD".
by pacer June 18, 2014
Meaning cock blocked with a ED at the end. Used in the past tense form. Cock block means when you are hitting on a girl and one of your friends interrupts you or says something to you from not having sex or make out with that person.
person that was CB'd and me CB'd person that was CB'd him last night and it was hilarious. He kept getting mad!
by Techmau5 October 24, 2010
Cock Blocking Degree: The word is used to refer to anyone whether male or female who either intentionally or accidently interferes with a male trying to meet or hook up with a woman or man. (Usually the interference leads to rejection)

Slang used to describe someone who repeatedly blocks your balls in pool/billiards (also known as Jap Pool)
Damn, "Insert Persons Name" just freakin came over while I was talking to that chick. It was going good until they came over. "Name" must have their CBD cause next thing I new, the chick walked away fast.


Damn man, you got your CBD, thats the 5th time you blocked the 8-ball
by GSJ April 29, 2008
Chicks Before Dicks. taken from Bros Before Hoes
You can't go out with my her ex, remeber cbd.
by LatestPlaguesXe April 11, 2007
Cunt Bathroom Drama or CBD is defined as the acts of an unsaid number of backstabbing women congregating to the bathroom to discuss every unimportant thing you could possibly imagine, or gossip about other people, usually other women.
Beware, these topics are usually very pointless and boring, although, at times, the drama during these conversations MAY APPEAR to be very extreme.
c1... Did you see Beckys' hair today, it looked like she forgot to brush it this morning after her morning marathon fuck with Jim. Should I tell her it looks like shit?
c2-8... NO WAY, this conversation is good for another two weeks in our cbd's!
by nellerpz February 02, 2008
The act of NEEDING your bitch
I cant believe she broke up with Jameil

Yeah, I know. I heard he cries every night while hugging her diafram.

WOW, thats a major shitty case of C.B.D
by Stooshaz February 17, 2008
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