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Central business district.
don't be racist u black fool!
by lysander March 24, 2003
Chicks Before Dicks. taken from Bros Before Hoes
You can't go out with my her ex, remeber cbd.
by LatestPlaguesXe April 11, 2007
Crybaby disorder
"Dude why are you crying?" "I have CBD."
by TheRealFrankOcean June 09, 2013
Critical Bollock Depth. When a guy is lowering himself slowly into a cold body of water, such as an outdoor swimming pool, this is the point at which his nuts become fully immersed and he lets out a shriek.
Person going into water: "FUUUUUUUCKK, I've just reached CBD".
by pacer June 18, 2014
The act of NEEDING your bitch
I cant believe she broke up with Jameil

Yeah, I know. I heard he cries every night while hugging her diafram.

WOW, thats a major shitty case of C.B.D
by Stooshaz February 17, 2008
correction by dick. when a lesbian gets dicked down right and realizes she was only messing around with other females because she had never gotten it right before.
he hit her with that cbd last week, shes messing around with dudes again and hasn't looked back.
by greenguy9 January 23, 2012
Christian Bale Day. That one day a year where you can easily foresee yourself having a break down that will most likely make the internet in some way, shape, or form. A Christian Bale Freak Out (CBFO) occurs on CBD's & will make even your mother question if she still loves you. CBD's and CBFO's can be triggered by nearly anything seeing as how they correlate to the addition of stress upon stress.
John : It's only 10 am and I'm having a CBD. I need to go lock myself away somewhere.

Jenn : I have my camera phone ready so if you're having a CBD I'm ready <3
by Caelestis F March 10, 2009